Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Are you “anti-vaxxers?”
A. Interestingly enough, no; we would not consider ourselves “anti-vaxxers.” We are most certainly “anti-permanent-genetic-modification-er’s” and “anti-mandatory-vaxxer’s”. To sum it up succinctly, it’s “your body, your choice;” not “my body, your choice.” Medical tyranny is still tyranny. Tyrants with good intentions are still tyrants.

2. Q. Are you “separatists.”
A. Heck no, we love people; most of all we love you, child of God. We are “Uniters!” We will create a network of liberty loving people from around the globe of all races, creeds and colors, united in the core belief that the original Code of the Creator is in each and every one of us.

3. Q. Why?
A. This endeavor was undertaken only after it became clear that those of us who will not permanently genetically modify ourselves are being quickly cast in the role of “the other,” to be scapegoated for all sort of societal malaise and systemic governmental failures. Many government-media talking heads are openly opining that we should be segregated from society and subjected to various forms of torture and testing. This is not empty rhetoric on their end, and is not to be taken lightly. How quickly humanity forgets the snowballing rhetoric that precluded the systemic extermination of millions in Europe and Asia under the horrors of Nazism and Communism. That exact same rhetoric is being wielded right now, and aimed squarely at us. What would our modern day dictators have us do, keep quiet and file into the “showers?” Not today…

4. Q. Do you advocate violence in any form?
A. We absolutely, unequivocally, do not advocate, promote, or infer any form of violence whatsoever. In addition, we reject in advance any assignations or accusations to the contrary.

5. Q. Are you advocating secession?
A. No; we are not advocating secession.

6. Q. Are you “anti-science?”
A. No; we love science, especially the kind that constantly challenges itself and never, ever, considers itself “settled.” You remember, the kind before our recent advancements in the wanton perversion of right reason, the scientific method, and the English language.

7. Q. Are you using your FAQ section to get out in front of attempts to derail your mission?
A. Yes. It stands to reason that the same mob which seeks to strip us of our “right to choose” would seek to strip us of our “right to organize.”

8. Q. Are you fully launched as a site and vision?
A. No, much more on the horizon, stay tuned.

9. Q. How do I get involved, what can I do?
A. Talk to people openly about what’s going on, do not be afraid. Develop a circle of like-minded people in your community. Remember, and remind others, we are far from alone. Don’t forget to rebuke your Pastor, in Jesus’ name, if they won’t speak against government mandated forced modification of what The Bible describes in Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”